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Built about a century ago, Cantina Latino is a historic building, wine recollection and distribution center, located in Marzamemi (SR), Sicily. The 1,200 m2 building is located on a 13,500 m2 parcel. One of the most unique features of this beautiful property is that it has 12 wine cisterns carved directly "in-rock" to store and age the wine.

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The European Community, requires all European countries to develop to the region's average standard. The "Programma di Sviluppo Rurale" (PSR) is a regional program designed to fund projects that would modernize and re-activate properties and businesses. Under the PSR program, and depending on the main activity of the property/business, a non-refundable grant of up to 75% of the value of the overall project can be obtained. The owners of this incredible property are motivated to either sell it or find the right partner to develop it into something special.

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Marzamemi, Sicily. Italy


Located in the south-east, just a few kilometers away from the most southern point of Italy, is the charming seaside Village of Marzamemi.

The name is believed to derive from the Arabic "Marsà al hamen", which means bay of turtledoves, just because in spring many doves fluttered here and there through the village, or from Memi, which means small port.

Marzamemi is very popular, especially in summer. In the evening, white stone of its buildings is lit by dim lights of the restaurants and chairs are on the streets.

Many tourists flock to this enchanted place thanks to its proximity to beautiful cities of Syracuse and Noto, symbols of Sicilian Baroque and Unesco Heritage. In October 2016, Prince Albert II of Monaco accepted the honorary citizenship of Noto, confirming the international fascination with this area of Sicily.

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Marzamemi is distingushed for its cultural and landscape heritage. It was established in the year 1000, in the Ionic coast, by Arabs. Here they installed Tuna fishing nets, destined, in time, to become the most important in Sicily. The current village was founded in year 1752.

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Less than half a mile away from the sea, the location of Cantina Latino, offers a broad variety of business opportunities. Back in the day when it was an active wine distribution center, the wine was transported from the Cantina to the tankers in the port, through a "wineduct" that connected both and that is still in existence.


Nero D'avola is the most important red wine grape in Sicily and it is originary of this part of the island. This area has also gained agricultural worldwide acclaim for the "Ciliegino di Pachino", which is an IGP/PGI for tomatoes from this southeast coast of Sicily. The EU granted IGP protection in 2003.


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